Pool Liners

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Liners for inground pools

Fabric Solutions Australia is the premier manufacturer and provider of liners for inground pools.

Our pool solutions are perfect for both residential or backyard pools and commercial, sport, school or hotel pools.

Using sophisticated measuring technology and high quality, durable liner material, there’s no pool we can’t line.

Whether you have a custom-shaped pool or a giant pool, FSA is here to help.

Our liner for inground pools are just the beginning:

  • Inground pool liners
  • 3D measuring technology
  • Pool liner fixing systems
  • Comprehensive pool products to suit your needs

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Residential and commercial inground pool liners

The DuraPool liners for inground pools are a cost effective and long lasting solution to relining the inside of your residential or commercial pool.

Pool renovation

Our inground liners are the ideal way to renovate a leaking pool with a cost effective and long term solution.

Heated pools

All of our inground liners are made and installed for use in any type of heated pool.


Our pool liners are all backed by our 12-year pro rata warranty. Enjoy worry-free swimming with a DuraPool liner from Fabric Solutions.


The three separate and reinforced membrane layers allow for super strong in-pool lining. The outer layer offers a soft-to-the-touch surface with UV resistance underscored by two inner layers for additional tensile strength, stretching control, and stability.

High quality

Made from 0.80 millimetre Virgin PVC we source the highest of quality materials to ensure your pool’s functionality is never compromised.

Sealed edges

With sealed edges, our liners are installed with a guaranteed water-tight fit.

No cracking or peeling

Part of our quality guarantee includes our promise to you that our liners will not crack or peel. In fact, they’re designed to be able to stretch to up to three times its original size before the liner’s function is impaired.

Ground movement resistant

Hard material pool liners can risk leaks or cracking due to surrounding ground movement. With our pool liners you won’t have to worry about this at all!

Easy to clean

Cleaning is no longer an issue with our line of liners. Low maintenance is required to keep your pool liner looking as good as new.

Line markings

Both painted and joined line markings and shapes are available in the DuraPool liner range.

Soft to touch

Despite its hardiness and durability, our inground pool liners are all soft to the touch and perfect for use in home or commercial applications.

Australian made

Made in Australia by Aussies and for Aussies, these inground pool liners are resistant and durable in the harsh Aussie sun and climate.

Algae resistant

Forget the risks of algae, mildew or mould growth on your pool liner. Our products are all resistant to these pesky growths.

All sizes

Have you got a pool the size of Hayman Island’s: 8.5 million litres? As just one of our many large scale pool lining projects, this record-sized pool is proof of our ability to provide liners for inground pools of ALL sizes.

3D measuring

There’s no custom-design pool liner we can’t make thanks to the advanced 3D measuring technology and software we use to take your pool’s specifications.

Commercial pools

Whether you’re a school, recreational centre, hotel or water park, make sure you get your commercial inground pool liner from the best team in the business: Fabric Solutions.

Glue-free joins

Our unique and innovative Invisiseam technology offers super strong and nearly invisible joins, but most importantly they’re 100% glue free!

Custom shapes

With our 3D measuring system we can fabricate liners of all types to suit pools of all shapes. High quality, perfect fit – that’s a promise!

Colours and patterns

Our liners all come in a wide selection of colours and patterns. With FSA, you’re not just making a choice for function, you get to choose style as well!

Extensive quality testing

Our liners for inground pools are tested to ASTM D 6392-08 using a T-0100SE Tensiometer to ensure every product we make is produced to the highest of quality. 

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