Tank liners, dam liners, custom fabrication and a whole lot more.

Tank liners, dam liners, custom fabrication and a whole lot more.

Quality every time

When you choose Fabric Solutions Australia you’re not just choosing the industry leader in all things custom fabrication, design and installation of liquid containment solutions, you’re choosing reliable high quality products every time.

Our team brings an unrivalled level of experience and expertise to all things fabrication and fabric products.

FSA takes knowledge in material and product applications and combines it with exceptional customer service.

We believe in building strong, long term relationships with our customers. How do we do this? By prioritising your needs to inform our tailored quality solutions.

All fabric products for all applications

Whether you’re operating in the domestic, industrial or military sectors, there’s only one answer for all your custom solutions: FSA! We’ve been the trusted partners for a wide variety of companies and organisations across industries and we’d love to bring our innovative, customised products to your project application today.

Our products

When we say our wide variety of products can be used for just about any application, we mean it!

  • Commercial dam liners
  • Rural and farm dam liners
  • Commercial tank liners
  • Residential water tank liners
  • Cavity and void tank liners
  • Onion and flexi tanks for temporary liquid storage that requires fast setup times
  • Mine site storage

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Food grade storage

  • Chemical storage

  • Waterproofing

  • Water and waste water storage

  • Ornamental lakes and pond liners
  • Emergency aid

  • Waste containment

  • Truck and car wash bays

  • Contamination prevention, and spill containment

  • Architectural fabrication, shading solutions, shade sails

  • Weather protection and contract fabrication

About Fabric Solutions Australia

Based in the Gold Coast, Australia, our team of designers, fabricators and licensed installers work with a global network of distributors to get our custom products around the world.

Our mission is to supply the best industrial fabrics available with the highest quality of manufacturing possible to our customers.

All of our products are reflections of our commitment to exploring new technologies and materials to ensure we add value to our customers’ end applications.

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