Industrial Curtains

factory and warehouse curtains protect and separate work areas

All weather, all application industrial curtains

Fabric Solutions’ industrial curtains are the cost effective and ideal solution to your workspace or warehouse.

Just a fraction of the cost of a permanent wall without losing any of the functionality, our heavy duty industrial curtains are great for a number of applications:

  • Create retractable barriers
  • Protect different work areas
  • Reduce hazards and increase safety
  • Divide off different work areas
  • Prevent dust and other particles from machinery contaminating other areas
  • Isolate contaminants with surrounding curtains
  • Protect areas open to the environment 

Dividing off your warehouse, preventing dust contamination and protecting work areas has NEVER been easier!


Our DURACURTAIN solution is the industry preferred answer to dividing, protecting and isolating areas in your warehouse.

There are many benefits to using an industrial curtains solution from FSA:

Cost effective

Our durable warehouse curtains won’t cost an arm and a leg; they’re the affordable alternative to constructing a permanent wall.

Element exposure

If parts of your workspace are exposed to the weather and outdoor environment, high quality curtains are the perfect protective solution.


Permanent walls are inherently inflexible and cannot be moved or adjusted, unlike an industrial curtain.

Protect openings

Industrial curtains offer a simple solution to protecting your building or warehouse’s openings against the weather and other outdoor elements.

Multiple sided enclosure

Your industrial curtains can be designed to suit your needs. Seal off any work spaces you want with either a one, two, three or four sided curtain enclosure.


Despite being heavy duty, curtains offer an easy retractable barrier for your working spaces. When retracted it will open up your entire space, and when in use it offers reliable hazard reduction and work area protection.


Dust, overspray and other particles can be effectively contained to whichever area of your workspace you need.

Factory and warehouse curtains

Our flexible and high quality PVC curtains can be used across a number of factory or work area applications.

factory and warehouse curtains protect and separate work areas
Warehouse curtains

Dust, overspray and other particles can be effectively contained to whichever area of your workspace you need.

Wash bay curtains

If you have a wash bay where you use power washing on vehicles, recruitment or other industrial materials you’ll know the difficulties involved in containing overspray and dust/dirt spray. Keep your wash downs contained to your wash bay with a one, two, three or four sided curtain enclosure. This clear PVC curtain offers complete visibility without sacrificing effective containment. It’s especially handy when combined with a portable spill bund. Plus, you can add your own logo, branding or advertising for a slick, professional look.

Garage divider curtains

Work spaces with machinery and/or vehicles can often become chaotic, noisy and cramped. With garage divider curtains you can divide off different sections of the work floor and isolate particular vehicles or machinery from the rest of the production area.


Other industrial weather curtain applications

There are a number of other applications for our industrial curtain solutions:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Areas requiring effective dust contamination control
  • Grinding or sanding areas
  • Spaces requiring fume containment
  • Storage facilities
  • Loading docks where birds and insects need to be prevented from entering
  • Areas requiring flexible space division or work area protection
Branded advertising

Our flexible fabrication services means we can create industrial curtains to match your business’s logos, colours or advertising. Using your wall curtain as a space to reinforce your branding, market your services or advertise a message won’t just help you look professional and make you visible to your customers, it’ll even help you get more business!

Why choose FSA’s curtain solution?

We know what it takes to fabricate a strong, durable industrial curtain. We leverage our unrivalled knowledge and experience to both design and build customised solutions for long lasting effect. 

Every single one of our PVC screens and dividers are custom created to the exact specifications and requirements of our clients.

Stainless steel

Our hold-down buckles are made from stainless steel to ensure the curtains are kept in place no matter the weather conditions and offer a long lasting solution.

No cookie cutter solution

We design and manufacture our curtains to meet your specific requirements, building and application.

Reinforced PVC

All our curtains are made from high quality and heavy duty reinforced PVC for peace of mind.

100% visibility

Our clear PVC options mean you don’t need to choose between visibility and effective protection in your enclosed workspace.

Heavy duty bearing rollers

Our industry-leading bearing rollers are designed to operate under heavy and intensive conditions. Combined with our stainless steel hold down buckles, you won’t find a more effective solution in the market.

Customised quote

Fabric Solutions is dedicated to ensuring you receive a flexible and customised industrial curtain solution. We don’t do it for the curtain call, we do it because our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority.

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The Fabric Solutions Australia difference

We’re your perfect choice of partner for all things industrial curtains.

  • 100% Aussie owned and operated
  • Experienced team to provide comprehensive technical advice
  • Onsite installers are all fully qualified and certified to national standards
  • Range of materials for all applications
  • Custom manufactured solutions to meet your specifications

Whether you’re ready to pull down the curtains on your installation, or not quite sure, why not get in touch with us today for a pressure free and obligation free quote?


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