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Quality water tank liners for all applications

Whether you have a brand new tank installation that needs hassle-free and worry-free protection, or you’re looking for a long-term durable solution to replace haphazard patching of existing leaking water tanks, a DURATANK liner from Fabric Solutions is the answer you’re looking for!

DURATANK liners are a flexible membrane that covers the entirety of your water tank’s inner walls and floor to ensure that new and old cracks won’t cause any leaks.

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Water tank liners' features


Stop leaks

Our water tank liners provide a long term solution preventing water tanks from leaking giving you peace of mind.


Efffective repairs

Instead of laying out the money for a brand new tank, our liners are easy ways to fix your leaks for good.

Economical solution

Economical solution

If you’re looking to save money with a suitable method to repair water tanks or protect new tanks, our liners will do the trick.

Custom made

Custom made

Water tanks come in a variety of dimensions and specifications, however thanks to our custom-made liners you can rest assured it’ll fit like a glove!

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Australian made

We make our liners right here in Australia to give us full control over the quality management.

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Fabric Solutions Australia might be a wholly Aussie owned and operated business but our top quality, true blue fabrications can be used not just all over the country, but across the world! Our global delivery capabilities are simply unmatched.

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You don’t have to take our word for it when it comes to quality, thanks to the comprehensive certification under AS/NZS:4020 for all of our potable water tank liners.

Versatile application

Versatile application

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the agricultural, waste water or drinking water industry, our water tank liners are suitable for just about any application. Concrete, fibreglass, steel, corrugated… you name it and we can custom make it!

Save with our DURATANK water tank liners

Sure, you COULD replace your leaking water tank and sink even more money into the application, or you could make the smart move and save with a DURATANK liner solution.

We hear from unhappy customers all the time who have repeatedly patched their leaking concrete water tanks.

As long as your water tank shell is still structurally sound and able to hold the weight of the water it contains, our DURATANK liners are the perfect solution.

Plus, we offer a no obligation and 100% free quote for your specific application!

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DURATANK Tank Liners

offer a permanent,

cost-effective solution for:


Patches or liners

If you’re facing a minor leak in your water tank, patching can be a good and quick fix for the immediate short term. However, ground movement (amongst other things) can cause a LOT of cracks and leaks to occur. 

If you’re not thrilled at the prospect of continually emptying, cleaning and patching your tank and looking for a more affordable and longer term solution, our water tank liners are the right choice.

One fix and one solution for permanent peace of mind: DURATANK.

About DURATANK Tank Liners

How does a DURATANK water tank liner protect your water tanks?

Ground movement poses a big problem for concrete water tanks, especially in clay based soils. While ground movement will always threaten to form new cracks in your tank there is a better solution to simply temporarily patching a leak. 

Patching might work as an immediate remediation but it can be quite expensive and laborious when it needs to be done over time.

A DURATANK water tank liner sits on the inside surface of your tank and keeps your water contained even if new cracks form. Water tank liner installation is a lot more affordable than you’d think and can be as easy to apply as patching.

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Water tank liners for rural and domestic applications

If you’d like more information about our rural and domestic water tank liners specifically, as well as details about installation and use, make sure to give us a call.

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