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Fabric Solutions Australia is an Aussie owned and operated company specialising in the custom designing, fabricating and installing of a variety of liquid containment systems and fabric products.

Find out more about our tank liners, dam liners and other tailored liquid containment solutions by contacting us today.

Our variety of products and solutions are perfect for any number of applications and industries. From commercial applications, including mining, agriculture, energy and industrial, to domestic applications, we bring the experience and expertise you need for an effective solution.

Commercial tank liners

Our range of commercial and rainwater tank liners suit a variety of applications. These tank liners ensure you don’t have to worry about leakages again. These cost-effective solutions are durable and long lasting. 

FSA also offers installation services, repair work and ongoing maintenance services.

industrial water tank for fire fighting
Lam Takong reservoir (water reservoir with plastic liner), Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Large scale dam liners

Our large scale dam liners are prefabricated and available Australia-wide. Suitable for rural, commercial, mining, construction and domestic applications, these high quality large scale dam liners come with end-to-end installation service as well.

Fabricated in multiple pieces and welded by a team of specialists onsite, we can provide dam liners for projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Secondary containment

We’re the leading provider of prefabricated secondary containment liners and spill bunds. Our containment solutions have been used by mining companies, commercial organisations, and government agencies.

Our highly trained technicians are experts in all things liquid containment and liners. No matter the application, we can help tailor a solution for you.

Fresh clean water splash in blue.
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Industrial curtains

Our industrial curtains and warehouse curtains are excellent for dividing work areas, containing dust, water or other contaminants, and providing temporary, flexible barriers between sections of your building.

Available for both internal and external usage, our high quality industrial curtains are perfect for a number of applications and uses.

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