Industrial Warehouse Curtains

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Industrial and warehouse curtains for all applications

Fabric Solutions Australia is a completely Aussie owned and operated company. As the industry leaders for a whole variety of fabricated products and solutions, we’ve developed a reputation for high quality solutions, exceptional client service, and our knowledgeable, experienced team of experts.

In addition to our effective and affordable liquid containment solutions and tank, pool and dam liners, we supply industrial and warehouse curtains for applications of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Warehouse curtain kit

Our typical kit of industrial and warehouse curtains comes with a track, ground anchors and curtain fitted with rollers and buckles for do-it-yourself installation.

If you’d like our handy team of pros to help you with installation, just let us know.

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Industrial curtains

Industrial curtains and warehouse curtains offer an excellent solution for creating more storage space or sectioning off different areas of a warehouse or commercial storage site.

All you really need is a strong enough header beam that can carry the weight of these durable and high quality curtains. Without an existing beam in place, one will need to be installed wherever you’d like the curtain to be positioned. Once there is a sufficiently sized and strong beam in place, the Fabric Solutions team can complete the installation complete with a fixed track and curtain system. 

Internal and external curtains

FSA offers both internal and external curtains for a range of applications. 

Internal curtains can be installed without the need of ground anchors. External curtains need to be fixed to the ground to stabilise them in place when affected by the wind and other variable environmental factors. 

External curtains are available and include the fixing of the track to a header beam with the curtains being hung and kept in place through the installation of ground anchors. These anchors are fixed into the concrete ground through core drilling.

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