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Plastic dam liners and water storage

A plastic dam liner can be the perfect solution to your water storage needs. Instead of just patching leaks as they arise only to wait for another to follow soon, our liquid containment and liner products will put a stop to your leaks for good.

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Our DURADAM dam liners provide a number of benefits and features for your application.


Dam liner solutions for leaking dams

If you’re operating a farm in a rural or remote area, your dam may be the life-blood of your operation.

That’s why dam leaks can be particularly painful and costly both financially and in terms of valuable resources. While certain dams can be repaired with clay or polymer based material seals, these temporary solutions are dependent on particular soil conditions. 

If you’d prefer a permanent, effective and reliable solution to prevent water loss from your dam, the only solution is a DURADAM dam liner solution.

DURADAM features

DURADAM dam liners may require a bigger investment today, but it’s guaranteed to save you money in the future. Some of the many benefits of our liners include:

Decreasing water loss

Is your dam in need of a repair but you’re not sure whether you should invest in a dam liner or simply opt for a dam seal? There are a number of considerations to take into account.

  • How long do you intend to use your dam for?
  • What type of dam do you have?
  • Are you losing water primarily through water evaporation or seepage and leaks into the ground?

The best time for mitigated water loss through evaporation is the design stage. The deeper and more shaded the dam the less water is going to evaporate.

Water loss through seepage can occur in a dam due to a number of different reasons/causes:

  • Poor soil conditions (clay based soils being the best for blocking seepage)
  • Cracks formed by ground movement
  • Dam wall or floor erosion
  • Incursion from tree roots
  • Damage caused by livestock

To fix water seepage, there are a number of varied yet typical methods including:

  • Adding a sealant to the dam which gets trapped in the cracks and forms a seal.
  • Re-compacting the soil once the entire dam has been cleaned out.
  • Rebuilding a brand new dam at a different site.
  • Using a dam lining or other equally permanent barrier.
Soil conditions

Soil conditions play an integral part in determining which method of fixing your dam will work the best.

Sandy, loomed based soils or shale rock soils will typically leak no matter what kind of sealant is used. Why do people opt to use them? They offer an initially cheaper solution. In the long-term, however, they can prove to be quite expensive.

Relocating your dam to soil with more clay content or using a permanent dam liner barrier are far better options. Fortunately for you, FSA are the industry experts in liner and geomembrane systems. Our extensive range of dam liner and plastic dam liner solutions can provide the perfect fix to any situation. Plus, with expert advice and installation services, we’ll provide everything you need to get your dam operating the way you need.

Find out more about our rural water tank liner range.

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Dam liners for dairy effluent and hazard containment

Our dam liners are designed for non-water usage as well. If you’re in the dairy or other farming industries–or even mining and related sectors–we’ll provide you with a custom fabricated solution. Whether it’s an effluent pond, bioretention pond, treatment pond or other waste collection area, our range of DURADAM plastic dam liners will keep what you need contained where you need it.

Check out our commercial dam liners page for more information or give us a call on 1800 039 996 to discuss your particular application.

Protecting your dam liner

If your dam liner is being applied on a site containing rough surfaces, sharp objects or protrusions, we recommend you protect your liner with a DURASHIELD geotextile fabric underlay. This underlay will ensure your liner is protected from punctures and tears that can be caused by anything from roots and rocks to poor, rough soil conditions.

Dams located on farms can be susceptible to damage by both domesticated and wild animals. Our underlays will ensure that no animals can tear or rip the liner. With a geotextile cover on a liner and 300mm of gravel, your animals can walk anywhere in your dam without causing an issue. Alternatively, you may need to erect a fence around the dam and pump water to a trough.

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Find out more about DURADAM

Dam liners are designed to be installed simply and can be done by a competent individual. For general dam liner installation guidelines and other installation tips, click below.

Other resources

Dams are much more than just a hole in the ground that acts as a water repository. Carefully planning your dam is essential for ensuring it’s leak free and functioning at its optimal capacity. To help you we’ve put together some useful links on designing dams, dam leakages and a variety of other information for making the most and getting the most out of your dam.


Pond liner solutions

DURAPOND is the Australian-made solution for ponds with aquatic and plant life.

Why opt for a DURAPOND pond liner:


Get your pond liner right the first time with DURAPOND!

Available in a range of thicknesses and materials, including LLDPE and PVC if you’re operating on a tight budget.

Our liners are made from a range of polyolefins. This flexible material is both light and strong, making it perfect for projects and ponds of all sizes – large and small. It’s an easy-to-work-with solution that doesn’t compromise any of its functionality for your home DIY pond project.

Does UV-stable, fish friendly, rot resistant and 10-year guarantee standard grade liner sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s true! It’s just DURAPOND.

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The DURASHIELD geotextile underlay is available for our selection of pond liners as well. This high quality underlay will ensure your pond liner won’t be damaged by rough surfaces, protrusions or other sharp objects.

Garden pond liners

A garden pond is a great way to enhance both the look and feel of a home garden. This character adding feature can be as big or as small as you need.

Cost-effective, ornamental and stylish, you can even use a DURAPOND liner in an evaporation or aquaculture pond. 

Thanks to its flexibility, non-toxic materials and resistance to UV, our pond liners are the ideal, safe and reliable solution you need.

DURAPOND pond liner sizes

While we also provide custom cut liners for special projects in a wide range of materials for all applications, our standard pond liner sizes are:

  • 7.5m x 7.5m Pond Liner 
  • 9.3m x 9.3m Pond Liner
  • 11.2m x 11.2m Pond Liner 
  • 13m x 13m Pond Liner 
  • 14.9m x 14.9 Pond Liner 

Choosing Fabric Solutions for your plastic dam liner and pond liner

FSA is completely Australian owned and operated, so you can rest assured that our products are all of a high quality and our on site installers are fully qualified and licensed with appropriate national certification. With a vast range of materials and custom manufactured solutions, we can provide the perfect pond or dam liner for any application. We can even provide extra large liners by joining premade sections on site to your specification! Our services include:

  • Custom manufacturing
  • Expert technical advice
  • Design and patterning
  • Both national and global delivery options

We’ll work with you to achieve the best liner solution!

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