industrial water tank for fire fighting

Tank liners and liquid containment products

Fabric Solutions Australia is the leading provider of liquid containment products. From tank liners and pool liners to portable containment solutions, there’s just about nothing our team can’t do.

Of course, we know that when it comes to tank liners and other products, there’s no point in an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter solution.

That’s why FSA offers bespoke, tailored solutions to suit our customers’ specifications. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Lam Takong reservoir (water reservoir with plastic liner), Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

Pond liners and dam liners

Pond liners, dam liners, the Fabric Solutions team offers them all. We don’t just offer custom liner products, we also offer comprehensive installation services as well!

Both our DURADAM and DURAPOND liquid containment solutions are suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. Made from high quality fabrics, they’re both cost effective and durable for the long term.

Our range of pond liners and dam liners features include:

  • Ideal DIY suitability
  • UV stable
  • Rot resistance
  • 5 & 10 year guarantees
  • Fabricated in Australia
  • GEOSHIELD fabric underlay

Site applications include:

  • Garden ponds
  • Aquatic ponds
  • Rural dams
  • Farm dams
  • Bioretention ponds
  • Effluent ponds
  • Mining site storage dams and ponds
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Secondary containment and spill bunds

If you’re looking for a reliable solution for spill prevention and collection applications, our secondary containment and spill bunds will do just the trick!

Available in both temporary and permanent solutions, our range of liners can cater for all sized projects no matter the complexity. A cost-effective investment today will give you and your team peace of mind knowing that any costly spills or leaks can be efficiently contained.

Drinking Water Storage System in the Desert of Western Sahara

Portable containment products

Fabric Solutions stocks a range of portable containment products to suit any site and project. In addition to being suitable for a wide range of applications, our fuel bladders and onion tanks are durable, easy to set up and competitively priced solutions.

They’re perfect for use in:

  • Remote or regional locations
  • Mining sites and camps
  • Emergency drinking water applications
  • Chemical storage sites
  • Fuel storage
  • Contaminated waste storage
  • Firefighting water applications
  • Rainwater harvesting sites
  • Spill containment applications
Fuel bladders

The DURABLADDER from Fabric Solutions is a high quality and industry-suitable storage bladder. We’ll custom make your bladder to suit your specific storage needs and preferences. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Onion tanks

Onion tanks, also called flexi tanks, are collapsible tank solutions for containing water and a variety of other liquids. Made from reinforced and heavy duty PVC or polyurethane polymer, you can rest assured you’re getting a high quality temporary water storage tank.

industrial water tank for fire fighting

Architectural structures

The Fabric Solutions team offers contract fabricating services for architectural structures and membranes. We’re a commercial supplier only, meaning that we simply don’t compete for work or retail. That’s why you can be rest assured that all work is done with the strictest level of confidentiality.

  • Industry experts
  • State-of-the-art software
  • Advanced plotters and sewing machines
  • Specialised welders
  • First class facilities
  • Autocad and M-Panel patterning services
  • Comprehensive selection of flexible membrane fabrication
  • Reliable technical advice
  • No job is too big for our team
  • Digital printing and artwork services

Industrial curtains

It’s not just pond liners and liquid containment solutions on offer: Our industrial and warehouse curtains offer a cost-effective solution to fitting out your workspace with an inflexible and permanent wall.

The DURACURTAIN can be used to seal off spaces with a one, two, three or four sided enclosure. With both transparent and non-transparent options available, you can choose your level of workspace privacy. Our industrial curtains can be used in the interior of your warehouse for containing water overspray, chemicals, dust, and other particles, or used along the exterior to protect your building’s openings from the weather and other outdoor elements.

row of grain silos set in an agricultural processing plant
industrial water tank for fire fighting

Bespoke fabrication

Our bespoke fabrication products are second to none. We guarantee a high tech and precise fabrication first time, every time. With a highly experienced team in all things flexible membrane fabrication, our contract cutting and architectural fabrication products are available for all types of materials.

With a strict confidentiality policy and transparent, fair manufacturing contracts at wholesale prices, we’re the perfect partner for short term or long term solutions.

By using only state-of-the-art technology, such as our computerised plotter, we’re more than confident about our guarantee of accuracy on every project regardless of the size or complexity.

Product installation

Fabric Solutions Australia has developed a reputation as the industry leader for more than one reason. Our products are not just of the highest quality, but our product installation and customer service is equally as exceptional.

When it comes to prefabricated dam or pond liners, liquid containment solutions and architectural structures we’re Australia’s leading manufacturer. Over 15 years of experience, highly trained technicians and only preferred third party providers, means we can ensure your project is completed to specification and installed correctly every single time.

row of grain silos set in an agricultural processing plant

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