Secondary Containment


Spill containment bunds and secondary containment solutions

Fabric Solutions Australia is the leading specialist and manufacturer of prefabricated secondary containment liners. These durable and effective spill containment bunds have been used across a range of applications and industries including rural, commercial, mining, construction, and government.

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Bund installation service

We’re not just leading fabricators and manufacturers though! Our highly experienced technical team works with preferred third party service providers to ensure you receive a professional installation service.

We’re firm in our belief in getting installation right the first time. Every time. That way you can rest assured that your correctly installed liner won’t end up with any leaks or other issues that can compromise its effectiveness. We guarantee years of trouble-free and leak-free service.

Bund manufacturing service

In most cases, secondary containment products, liners and spill bunds are manufactured in a single piece of liner. 

Don’t worry, though! FSA can provide spill containment bund solutions for ANY sized application. How do we do it? We simply manufacture a number of smaller sections and liners. These are easier to transport and handle. Once we’re on site, our expert technicians are able to weld them.

Our experienced technicians are even able to fit liners and bunds around pre-existing structures like pipes, so retrofitting a spill containment bund is never an issue!

Please note that the site welding of secondary containment and bund liners must be carried out by our specialist technicians. Armed with specialist welding equipment, they’re able to complete on site installations to specification regardless of the size or complexity of the dam or pond.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a simple flat sheet secondary containment liner installation or a super complex bund liner that needs to be installed in and amongst structures, we’ll bring all the resources, experience and technical know-how to ensure your job is done right!

Choose the leader in all things liquid containment: Fabric Solutions.

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