Commercial and Rainwater Tank Liners

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Commercial and rainwater tank liners

Fabric Solutions Australia is the industry leader in the design, fabrication, installation and repairing of both commercial and domestic rainwater tank liners.

If you need a tank liner, no matter the size or application, make sure to get in touch with the FSA team today!

Tank liner installation capabilities

We’re not just the leader in rainwater tank liner manufacturing, we’re also the experts when it comes to providing professional installation services as well. Our 15 plus years of industry experience, coupled with our highly trained technicians will ensure your tank liner solution works for your particular site application. We also work with preferred third party service providers where necessary to ensure our clients experience minimal delays in getting the installation solution they need.

Our work is backed by our quality guarantee and our assurances that all new liners are installed correctly and to proper specification.

Repair work

It’s not just high quality liners and reliable installation services that we provide, our after-sales team provides ongoing service and repair work to all of our commercial tank clients in the unlikely event that something does go wrong.

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Tank liner fabrication

When we manufacture our tank liners we do so in a single piece. For larger commercial liners and applications, we manufacture two or more sections and weld the liners together once they are installed in place inside the tank. This welding is done on site by our professional and specialist technicians.

Why do you need our specialist technicians?

There are critical safety factors that need to be considered whenever you’re installing a new liner. These considerations include safe working at heights and working in confined spaces, to name just two. When we approach a particular project and prepare for installation our technicians consider everything from tank size and height, to the size and weight of the liner being installed.

Our access to and experience with specific equipment such as mobile cranes, EWPs, pulley blocks and scaffolding allows us to ensure safe, secure and reliable liner installation no matter the application. When it comes to the welding of multiple fabricated liners, we bring in our specialist welding equipment to ensure even the largest and most complex of tank liners is completed safely, efficiently and effectively.

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We have the experience and resources for all your tank liner needs. Whether it’s a simple domestic installation or a complex commercial project on a mine or construction site, trust the leading team in the industry: Fabric Solutions Australia.

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