Evaporation Study Compares Water Savings of Covers

Evaporation Study Compares Water Savings of Covers

Californians have been facing severe drought conditions in recent years. In order to assist related businesses that are affected by water restrictions, several organisations in California participated in a recent study to show how well certain pool covers perform. Participating in the study were the The California Pool & Spa Association, the National Plasterers Council, the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association, the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and World of Recreational Water.

The National Pool Industry Research Center compared the water loss in pools covered by various kinds of products, including solid track covers, foam covers, bubble covers, solar disks and liquid evaporation suppressants.

The researchers had two goals: Determine how much evaporation could be blocked through the use of covers; and compare the savings of different types of covers.

Results showed that, when in place, bubble type covers reduced water evaporation by 94.9 percent (the type of bubble cover used in the study was not mentioned).

For the full study please visit Pool and Spa News.

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